116 Reasons to look forward to photography in 2016

I know I’ve blogged about my favourite groups on Flickr already, but I wanted to give one last plug to the 116 Pictures in 2016 group as there’s still time to join up and take part.


As the weather has been bad in the UK I’ve only got 1 in the bag for this year “Super furry animals”.  The full list of themes is HERE and includes 6 date-specific themes which look quite tricky.

My usual plan is to put all of the entries into a spreadsheet and evaluate if I think they’re going to be Hard, OK or Easy. This helps when I take a picture that could be used for a number of themes, I’ll normally go for the Hard one if I have the chance to knock it off the list. This year I’ve only flagged 8 as being Hard including;

  1. Schooldays
  2. Take a Hike Day (17th Nov)
  3. Alien
  4. Tickled Pink
  5. Venomous, Poisonous or Toxic

So that’s not too bad, but I have got 29 that I’ve labelled as OK – which is quite a few, so the pressure is going to be on.

I also use the spreadsheet to keep a track of how many I’ve done and how many I should have done, if I were keeping up a steady pace of one photo every 3 days or so. This helps if I find I’m getting a long way behind par – I’ll usually make a special trip out so gather as many as I can in one session to catch up.

OK, so enough about 116 Pictures in 2016 – get on and join up.

I’ve started to get to grips with some of my new kit as well, more on that in coming posts.

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