A Difficult Day

Sadly, today we are burying my lovely Nanna.  A sweeter, kinder, gentler, lovelier person you could never meet.

I took this photo at Nanna and Gramps’ 70th Wedding Anniversary in 2015.

The poem below I’ll be reading at the service, amazingly written by someone called Greta which was Nanna’s name. I added the final verse


Shine as a source of endless light
Whose rainbows of colour deter the night
Where daydreams are gentle as doves in flight
And sleep the sleep of angels

Shine like a shower of soft moonbeams
Inhabit the sea of a thousand dreams
Where laughter and love are timeless themes

And sleep the sleep of angels

Shine like the sun in a golden sky
On warm, sultry evenings, a fragrance, a sigh
An echo of summer as life passes by
And sleep the sleep of angels

Shine at the centre of all of our hearts
No longer together but never apart

May your love fill us up at each new day start
Til we too sleep the sleep of angels

by Greta Robinson (and me)

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