Catching up

Posting way late this week as I’ve had a hectic few days again. Theme last week in the Flickr 52 Weeks Group was ‘Eye for Detail’ and so it was out with the Macro lens to see what I could come up with.


I tried a few different ideas, mainly in the kitchen, but when I came into our main living room the light on the metal fire surround was looking really nice so I snapped a couple of shots of the sculptural details.


If you don’t own a specific macro lens, a cheap option are extension tubes that fit in between the camera body and the lens. Another option is to use a close up filter that screws onto the lens itself. I took the shot above with extension tubes.

As with most macro shots the depth of field is very small, as this shot of a butterfly shows.

butterfly shallow dof

But if you want some truly magical macro shots, I would highly recommend you check out Mark Horton’s Flickr stream.


Mark (Flickr stream HERE) lives just a couple of miles from me in Surrey and takes some incredible macro shots of insects. Last year he was runner-up in the #WexMondays challenge and was recently featured in Outdoor Photography magazine.


Best over all

While we’re on the subject of featuring, I have been shortlisted for the next Photographic Angle exhibition “Creativity”. I’m really please about this as I do try and get creative with my shots from time to time and hope I can get a few images in the final exhibition.

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