Catching up with some of my images

Finally got round to looking at the few pictures I took of the Farnborough Air Show a few weeks ago. We used to go as a family every two years when it was on, but haven’t been to the last two so I resorted to capturing what I could from the back garden.


This year was particularly disappointing as the Red Arrows have been banned from performing their aerobatics on safety grounds – although someone pointed out that an A380 airbus crashing to the ground will do considerably more damage than a small Red Arrow. Here’s a shot of the Arrows that I took a few years ago.

10 Reds

Apart from the lack of Red Arrows the number of fast jets is also diminishing. It’s been a good few years since the Russian MIG fighter displayed at Farnborough, but although the Saab Grippen was in action during the trade days it didn’t fly on the public days, leaving just the F-18, the Eurofighter and the new F-35 Lightning II to rip up the sky.

Day 119

Day 119

Ironically, I think my favourite shot of the day was of a different flying object. It’s this one of a bird sitting on my neighbours TV aerial.

_52 Daydream Bird on a wire

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