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Don Kom Sky Crystals

Last week I wrote a piece about winter photography and, in particular, snow. But if you prefer something more exacting, then I would strongly recommend you take the time to investigate the work of Don Komarechka who is the best photographer of snowflakes in the world. (c) Don Komarechka He has a book available called…

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Penn and People

So far on my blog journey I’ve only written about one famous photographer (David Hobby). So today I thought I’d redress that imbalance a little and talk about one of the most iconic photographers of the 20th Century and someone whose photographs I love – Irving Penn. Back in February 2010 I was lucky enough…

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Photography – Australian style

Back in the summer I discovered a little gem of a podcast called “So You Want To Be A Photographer”. It started in January 2015 and so I binge-listened to about 25 episodes from the beginning to catch up. It’s a treat to turn my iPod on every Thursday and download the latest episode from Gina…

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Most Expensive – Part 2

Previously, in Part 1, I talked about some expensive cameras. So what’s the best way to be able to afford a camera worth £25,000?  How about selling a photograph for £2,500,000. Today I want to point you to this post on 500px which talks about the most expensive photographs ever sold. Given that photographs are easy…

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The Man With One Name

People who go by a single name tend to be legends in their field – Pele, Madonna, Prince, Sting, Moliere, Twiggy, Lenin, Caravaggio the list goes on. In the UK we have the incredible fashion photographer Rankin. But the guy I want to talk about today is known by many as The Strobist, real name…

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