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MirrorLab – A kaleidoscope of opportunity

Another new app that I’ve started playing with is MirrorLab. This is more of an artistic/ creative tool than out-and-out photo processing, as it provides tools to generate a number of artistic effects on images. At a basic level you can add a mirror image of your shot – vertically or horizontally. But that’s just…

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Mobile Creative Part 5 – accessories

I’ve talked about some of the apps that I use for my mobile photography over the past few episodes including Pixlr, Snapseed, Vignette. Today want to talk about some the accessories that you might find useful; Selfie stick Firstly, let me make clear that I do not advocate the use of selfie sticks for the…

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Mobile Creative Part 4

In this next part of the series on mobile photography I want to talk about 3 more apps that I use. I’ve added a black outline to most shots in this post in WordPress so you can see the borders, the originals are on my Instagram feed. The original app that got me into smart phone…

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Snapseed app for smartphones

This is Part three of my series looking at the mobile creative, you can find Part 1 and Part 2 linked. Today I want to explain why Snapseed is my current go-to app for processing pictures on my smartphone. Two separate photos of my grandparents processed in Snapseed, made into a collage on Pixlr. For…

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Pixlr app for smartphones

This is the second part of my series on the Mobile Creative, here’s the first if you missed it. Pixlr is a great app for simple processing of photos and also for getting more creative. Until recently it was my go-to app of choice, and still is for the more creative shots. The first thing…

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The mobile creative

I’d love to know what the older generation of photographers make of today’s mobile digital world. Technology has come a long way from the days of film and darkrooms to reach a point where virtually everyone has a camera with them virtually all of the time, through their phone. The quality of these cameras is…

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