Creativity – The Best TPA Show Yet

As well as a wedding last weekend, Mrs C and I made a detour on the way home to visit The Photographic Angle exhibition “Creativity”, on show in Bracknell.


I have to say this is probably the best exhibition I’ve seen so far from TPA – and I’m not just saying that because it features a few of my pictures.


It’s because the show seemed to flow and fit so well, even though the exhibits were diverse in their subject matter and execution. The pictures here don’t really do the images justice but I was in something of a hurry and my phone was about to run out of power so I had to snap quickly.

There were some great geometrical abstracts from Marek Mis;


Some fine minimalist works from Tony Sellen;


And a great series of “Cities decoded” images that mixed photography and graphic design.

Some images were painterly;


Some were more architectural like this (and a few others) from Karl Redshaw;


Plus some light painting.


And I was lucky enough to have four of my shots on display too;

DSC_0824-2 DSC_0830-2 DSC_0808-2 DSC_0811-2

Check the TPA web site for details of when and where you can see Creativity and the other TPA exhibitions.

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