Don Kom Sky Crystals

Last week I wrote a piece about winter photography and, in particular, snow.

lake with birds

But if you prefer something more exacting, then I would strongly recommend you take the time to investigate the work of Don Komarechka who is the best photographer of snowflakes in the world.


(c) Don Komarechka

He has a book available called Sky Crystals as well as a web site, Flickr and twitter and you can also hear him on numerous photography podcasts including The Two Hosers.


(c) Don Komarechka

Each image takes hours of work to produce to get full sharpness. Amazing dedication and mesmerizing images.


(c) Don Komarechka

He has also developed a technique for capturing frozen soap bubbles


(c) Don Komarechka

I’d really love to try this idea but, certainly this year, we haven’t had the extensive cold weather necessary. This is the best I’ve managed for a cold frosty snap;


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