Last week as a a really good week photo-wise.

Firstly, I visited The Photographic Angle exhibition “4 Elements” in Camberley which included 4 of my pictures. This is the third time I’ve been featured by these people and it’s always nice to see your pictures in print in an exhibition space.

Pic on Pic

This is me taking a picture of me taking a picture of my wife taking a picture of a picture that I took.

Here are a few more from the exhibition. If you get a chance to see this (or any other Photographic Angle exhibition) as they tour the country I would definitely recommend it.  The list of shows is HERE.


Blue hour

My pic with D

And a few more from the exhibition by others;


Sand castle


Then I was awarded photo of the week by the Teabreak Tog Photography Chat group with the theme Rule Of Thirds. I’d submitted The Spider and the Cow as my entry, as the centre of the web is perfectly on a ‘third’ and the fence lines are almost on thirds too. For those who are still learning photography, the Teabreak Tog podcast is a great way to start – small bite-size episodes with loads of advice and encouragement from pro-photographer Julie Christie.

T-Tog winner

For the 52 Week Group theme “Out of Focus” I posted a shot of the topiary conifers at work (see last blog post) which inspired me to write the blog post on Infrared which was then picked up by Protech Repairs and featured on their Facebook page.

Three reasons to be cheerful.

If you fancy getting yourself exhibited, pop over to The Photographic Angle web site. At the moment their competition theme is “Paradise” and they are looking for submissions for an exhibition called “Creativity”.

Go on . . . what have you got to lose?

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