First Blog Post of 2017

2017 is now well under way so I thought I’d give you a quick rundown on Christmas and New Year stuff;


Firstly, I’m pleased so far with my LED lights. They are THESE which run on camera batteries – which I hope means they will last longer between charges and save me money in the longer term. I’ve actually got a total of four batteries for my three lights so I’ll always have at spare charged battery, and I also got THIS CHARGER that charges two batteries at once for speed.

Day 282

Day 282

This shot was taken with one of the new LED lights, bounced off the ceiling to give a large even light source. I cooled the shot down in post to give a nice colour contrast between the orange tea-light and the blue ambient.

I’ve started to read Chris and Monika’s book “The Film Photography Handbook” and can already see what a useful instruction and reference it will become – highly recommended, despite what a couple of the reviews say on Amazon.

I also got myself this large Vanguard storage bag for lenses and flashes. It’s not the cheapest, and it’s not designed for every day carrying, but to be able to keep all my glass and light in a single portable place where everything is protected is great.

Day 279

Day 279

It’s too late now to start the 52 Weeks – 2017 Group (unless you don’t mind missing out on a theme or two) but there’s still plenty of time to get involved with the 117 Pictures in 2017 group. There are some good topics this year including “Have a Party with Your Bear Day” in November, the full list is HERE but you probably need to join the Flickr group to see it.

Finally, I’m currently without a shooting space. As you may know, last Easter I converted our dining room into a mini-studio which worked well but unfortunately Mrs C wanted the dining room back for Christmas – even though we spent barely an hour in there over the whole holiday when it took three times as long to clear it out and tidy it up.

Day 278

Day 278

Anyhoo, she’s not keen for me to change it back into a studio so I’m trying to persuade her to let me use our daughters room as Vicky has more-or-less moved out now and has a proper flat share in Southampton about an hour away. Watch this space!

I hope you had a good break over Christmas and New Year. Here’s to a photo-filled 2017.

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