Gifts for Photographers


Originally written in the run-up to Christmas but still relevant now so I’m going to leave my recommendations here – and update them from time to time.

If you are wondering what you can buy for the photographer in your life, I’ve put together a top ten set of ideas to help.

At this point I will explain that many of the links in these posts are “affiliate” links to or other sellers which means that I earn a small commission if you buy anything after you click-through the site. You won’t notice anything different about your buying experience – it will take you to the site in the normal way, you can search in the normal way, pay Amazon in the normal way, the items will be shipped by Amazon in the normal way and the items cost the same – but I get a couple of % on each thing bought as I have “introduced you”.  It’s a way of me raising a few extra pounds to cover the cost of running this blog.

Gifts #1 – Cameras

Gifts #2 – Lenses

Gifts #3 – Light Modifiers

Gifts #4 – Studio Lighting

Gifts #5 – Flash Lighting

Gifts #6 – Bags

Gifts #7 – Books

Gifts #8 – Lenses and filters

Gifts #9 – Grips, Batteries, Straps

Gifts #10 – Magazines and Learning