Gifts #10 – Magazines and Learning

Magazines and Learning Resources

Despite the explosion of the internet, there is still a demand for some print media and I subscribe to two photographic magazines that I enjoy and would recommend to anyone.

Firstly, Amateur Photographer. AP has been around in the UK for decades but is still going strong and is printed every week. Mine arrives on a Saturday morning which is great as I can ease myself into the weekend with a good read. The magazine has regular features on new kit, comparisons between different brands, lots of technical advice, showcases of top photographers and several pages of adverts so you can compare prices or locate a great second-hand deal.

The second is f/2. This is more a collectable periodical than a magazine, published 10 times per year on high quality paper with lots of beautiful photographs. The emphasis is much more on style and art in photography and, as I say, is a really collectable magazine that you will be able to refer back to for years to come.

I couldn’t complete this section without a mention for Digital Photography School run by Australian Darren Rowse. It’s a massive online repository of tips, tricks, lists and general photography advice – the majority of which is free. It also has some paid content in terms of e-books and training courses if you want to delve deeper. If you have a photography question you’ll find the answer on DPS.

While we’re on the subject of on-line courses, I must also give a shout out to Neel and the Learn Food Photography site. Neel runs a 30 Days to Better Food Photography course which is free (although there are paid options for more personal tuition), in fact today is my final day on the course and it’s been incredibly helpful. The lessons and instruction combined with the feedback from the Facebook group make this a fantastic way learn more about food photography.

OK – so that’s number 10, tomorrow I’ll be talking about some must have accessories.