Hound for Hound one of the best pet photographers around

As someone who takes a lot of photos of our cat and coming from a nation of animal lovers, today I want to point you to a great dog photographer from the US.


(c) Dog Breath Photography

Her name is Kaylee Greer and she is the driving force behind ‘Dog Breath Photography’, taking some fantastic shots of pampered pooches in and around Boston, Massachusetts and running pet photography workshops.


(c) Dog Breath Photography

You can hear an interview with her on Andrew Hellmich’s PhotobizX podcast.


(c) Dog Breath Photography

If you want to find out more or just enjoy the photos, here are links to her Facebook, Web site, and Instagram sites.

I think if I lived in an area with lots of sun and sea this is definitely the sort of photography I’d like to do, but for now I’ll have to stick to taking pictures of our moggy;

Day 20

Day 20


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