Hypocam – A stunning new black and white phone app

Can’t remember how I came across it, but I’ve recently discovered Hypocam – a great new app for creating beautiful black and white images.

The free versions comes with a number of free filters and you can buy a couple more sets for a few dollars.

Each filter is adjustable once applied; You can modify exposure, contrast, shadow and highlight. Add colour filters (as you would with traditional B/W film, add a fade, film grain or a vignette. Finally you can add a blue tone to give a cyanotype look or a yellow tone for sepia tint.

The results are great. There is a real depth of tones from many of the filters and a crisp edgy contrasty feel with others. The addition of the colour filters adds another dimension and is well worth exploring with each image.

As an aside, the shot below was made using the new Double Exposure function in Snapseed that I’ve blogged about before.

If you’re in to black and white photography, Hypocam is definitely a tool you should check out.

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