MirrorLab – A kaleidoscope of opportunity

Another new app that I’ve started playing with is MirrorLab.

This is more of an artistic/ creative tool than out-and-out photo processing, as it provides tools to generate a number of artistic effects on images.

At a basic level you can add a mirror image of your shot – vertically or horizontally. But that’s just the start.

From a simple mirror image you can automatically “mirror the mirror” to give 4 versions of a shot and then go on to create multiple versions in a kaleidoscope effect. Or you can add interesting pattern and texture overlays or create a fractal image with the base shot.

The shot above was created from this shot of a wooden table top.

From here, things get even more creative. You can add ripple effects – either centered and radiating or horizontal – this allows you to simply add the effect of a watery reflection. You can also add distortions, whirls, stretches, spirals, mini planets – the options are huge.

This image was a simple (and distinctly average) photo of a flower. MirrorLab turned it into a kaleidoscope of colours and then I added the ripple effect to the lower half.

Going on still further you can add stripes and other cool effects, or add picture in picture effects of various shapes, like the first image. You can also put a perspective warp onto the shot to make it look like the pattern is receding into the background.

There’s so much here that it’s far easier if you just download it and try it – I guarantee you’ll be buying the full version within a few minutes of seeing what this can do.

You should also check them out on Instagram to see some more great examples.

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