Mobile Creative Part 5 – accessories

I’ve talked about some of the apps that I use for my mobile photography over the past few episodes including Pixlr, Snapseed, Vignette. Today want to talk about some the accessories that you might find useful;


Selfie stick
Firstly, let me make clear that I do not advocate the use of selfie sticks for the taking of selfies. These sticks are everywhere in London and around famous landmarks and get in the way of people going about their business. People spend so much time getting the perfect selfie shot in a famous location that they actually forget to admire the location they are in and thus defeat the point of going there.

However I do occasionally use a selfie stick to enable me to get my phone into an inaccessible spot – typically high up or low down, like the shot below taken in amongst some heather and moss – in these scenarios the selfie stick is great.


To safely hold your phone on a stick (or a tripod) you need a secure clamp device. Most selfie sticks come with a flimsily designed grip that I would never risk my phone in. The best holder I’ve found is from ShoulderPod. It’s sturdy and tough. With the counter weight attached you can shoot video (and stills) with much more stability and it comes with a wrist strap too. I also use it when I’m on holiday as a stand for my phone (which also doubles as my alarm clock) so that I can see it at night.

London Eye

Clip-on lenses
The lens on a smartphone is fixed and therefore a little limited for creative shooting so there are many manufacturers of clip-on lenses. The most popular for iPhones are from  Olloclip and I have a number of people who swear by them – although with each new release of the iPhone you need a new Olloclip.

Unfortunately they are not available for my Samsung and so I own a series of lenses from Polaroid that are much better quality than most on the market. The set includes a macro lens (shot below), a wide angle, a zoom and a fish-eye – which is typically distorted (photo above) and quite tricky to use with a phone as your fingers seem to always be in the shot!

Drinking in LA

Let me know what you use to help with your mobile photography and I’ll add it to the list here.

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