Now what?

Having completed my 365 Project XLV, I breathed a big sigh of relief.

Gone is the stress (and some days it was stressful) of finding a half-decent shot every day to keep the project going. Now I’m wondering what to do next.

Day 68

I still have my 117 Pictures in 2017 and 52 Weeks of 2017 challenges which I will continue to complete throughout the year, but I am beginning to miss having a specific personal project to focus some attention on.

Day 340

April will be a very busy month without adding photography to the mix so I’ve got time to come up with some ideas and consider a few options of where to take my photography from May. At the moment my list looks like this;

  1. Get a Photobook made of my 365 Project
  2. Do more film photography and develop my own films
  3. Set up my studio again, maybe focus on product photography which I’m quite interested in at the moment
  4. Practise head shots and portraits with a view to offering this as a paid service to clients
  5. Start a local personal project – buildings, landmarks, abstracts?
  6. Submit my best work to a few stock agencies and see if I can make some money from them
  7. Get up early and go for morning walks with a camera
  8. Try some ‘fine art’ style shots
  9. Get a bunch of prints made of my best images and see if a local establishment will display them for sale
  10. Empty my garage of clutter and junk to make a bigger usable photo studio space

Hmm, that became a longer list than I had expected. Still, lots to think about.

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