Shot of the Week

With Halloween last weekend it was no surprise that the 52 Week theme for the week was something spooky, with Graveyard!


This was taken as I described in my last post on White Balance.

I popped over to the cemetery that is close to where I work on Wednesday lunchtime. After a few simple snaps, none of which were very inspiring, I decided to change things and got creative by setting the white balance to tungsten.

This turned the shot blue and gave the feeling of cool evening light after sunset. Shooting in manual I was also able to adjust the exposure too, to match the mood.


Last weekend I went for a Sunday morning stroll along the canal near to where I live. It was a murk misty morning and this was a moody shot I took of the local St Andrew’s Church. Here’s another from the morning stroll;


Then, yesterday morning, I found this leaf stuck to the side window of my car. Taken with my phone and processed with Snapseed.



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