Shot Of The Week

Another nice open theme this week, literally, as the 52 Week theme for Week 4 was “Outdoor”.

_Morning light

Sadly the weather in the UK had been a bit grey and dull of late, but on Thursday morning I noticed that it was going to be a clear night so I decided to take my 5D MKII and 70-200 f/2.8 lens to work and stop at a set of fields that I know are often flooded in the hope of getting some dramatic sunrise shots. The colours weren’t as spectacular as I’d hoped but I did get a couple that I liked, including the one above.

The only other photo of note this week is from last Sunday when Mrs C and I were away, I took a few pictures in the hotel room in a sort of fake double exposure style using reflections in picture frames.

_Badly framed

When there’s bad weather about, there’s always a chance to experiment in doors (as I did above). Why not have a look round your house and see if you can make some nice images using reflections – just don’t make the mistake this man did . . . a very different sort of exposure . . .

Seller submits a photo of a tea kettle to eBay with a revealing reflection.

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