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The theme this week in the Flickr 52 Weeks 2016 group was Shadows. Which opened up the possibility of all sorts of creative interpretations.
However, a busy week both in and out of work, coupled with a lack of sunshine for large parts of the week meant that in the end I settled on the image above as my submission.

The theme for this coming week is Winnie The Pooh – and you may remember that I mentioned a few posts ago that January 18th was Winnie The Pooh day and I had to take a photo for my 116 Pictures project.

Well, in the end I put together a collage and story of my day with WtP and Piglet that went like this (you can click on the image for a larger view) . . .
WtP Day

Winnie the Pooh (and Piglet too) decided to come with me to work for the day, here is their story . . .
1. Ready for work Pooh Bear looking smart in a striped suit (pocket).
2. Thankfully Pooh and Piglet haven’t learned to drive.
3. Arrived at the office and ready to start work.
4. 11am and coffee time.
5. To celebrate WtP Day I wrote a blog post about the day.
6. Still hard at it.
7. By mid-afternoon Pooh and Piglet were bored and decided to play tents instead.
8. Day done, it was time to cook dinner and enjoy a beer or two.
9. Unfortunately Piglet over-did it a bit.
10. So only Pooh got to enjoy the honey dessert before bed time.

Now the challenge is on to come up with something better for the 52 Week group . . .

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