Shot of the Week

Theme for the week was Reflection which is a good choice as it’s something you can easily find, easily create and – if you think laterally – interpret more philosophically.

_Reflection S

In the end I settled for a simple reflection of me in the kitchen window. We have a number of spot lights in the kitchen so I was able to stand under one to get some interesting lighting. Taken with my Xperia Z5 and then processed in Snapseed to give a painterly feel to the shot. I also had a more grungy version too;

2 grunge reflection

Here are a few more shots for Reflection, from water;

3 flooded fields 4 puddle

From glass;

5 San Fran Reflection 6 Brutal 6 Sky

From a mirror;

7 me 8 Window to the world

And if you interpret Reflection as “consideration” or “thinking”;

9 V up

Have a look round the house this week and see if you can come up with a new twist on Reflection.

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