Shot of the week

Had a busy week last week and didn’t manage to get much done in the way of photos – to the point that I didn’t complete the weekly theme of the 52 Week group which was Cover Party.

_IR Pond 2

I did however, take some infrared shots at a new small pond that I’ve recently discovered on my way home from work. Interestingly after taking a couple of shots I remembered that I needed to re-set the custom ‘white’ balance which I had accidentally changed the last time I used the camera.

As a result, the before and after images are noticeably different. The wrong WB (below) gives a much more yellowy tone to the trees.

IR Pond

Annoyingly, the car park for the pond closes at “dusk” – now what sort of time is that?  I was there around 5pm and mine was the only car in the car park so I was rather worried about being locked in. Consequently I only spent about 10 minutes at the pond and stayed within sight of the car park but as we move into British Summer Time next week, hopefully I can spend a bit more time there.


Finally, here’s another recent shot taken with my TZ-60, transferred wirelessly to my phone and processed in Snapseed.



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