Shot of the Week

The theme for the week in my Flickr 52 Weeks the 2015 Edition group was backlit.

I was hoping to get something nice and natural with sunlight behind but we had almost a whole week of rain, clouds and overcast skies so it was looking unlikely until Tuesday morning I spotted something as I parked my car in the car park at work.


This is a great lesson that everyone can learn – always have a camera with you. Of course these days most of us have smart phones with cameras so we’re covered, but I also have the Lumix TZ60 and my IR converted Canon Powershot G10 in my briefcase at all times. As a result I was able to get a nice bit of zoom in to the backlit leaf and create a reasonable scene. With just the phone it would have been more difficult to get a good composition.

Carrying my Lumix with me every day proved even more fruitful on Friday when I noticed that there was some low mist around as I drove to work. As I came up to a spot that I’ve shot at before, I turned in and was presented with a fab sunrise scene with dewey grass and some mist.

Misty morning

I rattled off a few shots until the memory card on the Lumix showed as full (I’d forgotten to empty it after the 18th Party a couple of weeks ago). So after deleting those photos (they are already on my laptop) I looked around for some more angles and came across this small but perfectly formed spider’s web.

Colour web

My shot of the week.



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