Shot of the Week

Unusually for me, I was ahead of the game with the 52 Weeks Theme last week.

Hollow Man

One of the reasons I love doing the 52 Week challenge is that the weekly themes are always a mix of technical challenges – selective colour or negative space for example – broader subject challenges – food, macro, still life – and creative challenges – Love Is, 7 Deadly Sins, and this week’s theme of Fairytale.


I’ve been quite busy over the past week or two with my day job, other meetings, getting my daughter back into driving again (she passed her test last summer but hadn’t driven for a year so I took her out a couple of times to get used to it) and so I didn’t have time to set up a proper photo shoot as I have done in the past for themes like this.

The two examples above are from previous years of the 52 Week challenge.

As you hopefully saw in my post last week, I’d taken some nice shots of cows in a field and I was reminded of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, hence my shot of the week for Fairytale – which I won’t be trading for a handful of magic beans!



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