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The theme for the Flickr 52 Week Challenge this week was set by your truly. Setting a theme to challenge 500+ people from all over the World is not as easy as it sounds – in my mind it needs to be open enough so as not to hinder people and ideally it should be open to several different interpretations to allow some creative responses too.

So for this week I chose “Transport” – there are millions of different modes of transport and everyone, no matter where you are in the world, has access to some of them. Then there was also the possibility of ‘transporting’ the viewer to another place or time as a creative option.

_Transport Copter

As for me, well I had a busy week and was away from home for four days so few opportunities for photography. However, on Saturday morning we were awoken by the sound of an engine and when I looked outside there was a helicopter landing in the field opposite so I grabbed the camera and got a couple of snaps while it was stationary to meet the theme.  There were some much better efforts than mine submitted and you can check them out HERE.

Also at the weekend I took advantage of some very different light to take this shot of evening sun;

_Mellow Y Sunset

And this one of a foggy morning.

_Autumn Foggy morning

I also stopped off at my new favourite place on the way to work to take a few shots of the field that now contains both sheep and cows, but I liked this one best (you need to look closely!).

Min spider

My shot of the week.

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