Shot of the Week – Be Square

The theme for Week 49 in the 52 Weeks Project was Square Format – a nice and open theme that everyone can easily accomplish. You can view the gallery of entries here. What was interesting was that some shots looked better than others in this format.


The reason why some shots were better than others is that the proportions of an image are an important part of the overall compositional effect and can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of a shot. I will go into the subject of cropping and aspect ratios in more detail next week.

As for my entry (above), Mrs C and I took a day trip to Brussels with some friends last week and I spotted this row of bikes outside Schumann station. This sort of shot is now becoming something of a series for me, as I have taken similar pictures in other cities around the World. From top to bottom; Gothenburg, Melbourne, London and Paris.





As well as sampling some nice Belgium food and beer, we also visited the Brussels Christmas market which was good, and paid a visit to the European Parliament to see what goes on there;

EU Parl 1

On the way to the market we also passed the European Commission HQ where I took this shot, my shot of the week.

EU Com 3

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