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Shot of the Week

Bokeh is the theme for the week in the 52 Weeks the 2015 Edition group. It’s a strange word that gets pronounced in many ways, I tend to pronounce it “boe-key” but others say “boe-ka” or “boe-kay”. Anyway, however you pronounce it, it comes from the Japanese word for blur or haze and Wikipedia define it…

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It’s not just a hole

I introduced the exposure triangle last time and mentioned that there are times when you might want to control aperture and hence adjust ISO with shutter speed to get the correct exposure. Today I thought I’d explain how the choice of aperture affects a shot. As well as affecting the amount of light that enters…

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Exposure exposed

Exposure Triangle Last week I introduced 6 aspects of a photograph that are important to consider when taking pictures. Perhaps the most important of these is exposure, and so I want to talk a bit about that today and offer my explanation of the Exposure Triangle, something that often trips up new photographers. Essentially there…

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