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Food Photography Week 3

Into the third week of the food photography course (click link in left hand side bar to find out more) and we’ve moved on from photographic skills like depth of field and white balance and got into more of the styling and detailing aspects. First challenge for me this week was that I don’t have…

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Food Photography Week 2

Half way through the 30 days to better food photography course now and it’s been another really enlightening week, why? Because we’ve dealt quite a bit with lighting. Looking at the direction of light, the use of reflectors and other modifiers and also playing around with white balance. All this while trying to stick to…

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Thought for Food

OK so I’m one week into my 30 Days to Better Food Photography course and I’m really enjoying it. What’s been great so far? Well firstly the Facebook community. There are loads of people all taking the course together and so each night a new batch of photos go up where people show their response…

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Nom nom nom

I have signed up for a free 30-day intensive course in food photography! Can’t remember where I saw this advertised, but anyway the course started yesterday. Neel who runs the course puts it on several times per year and you can find out more by clicking the link on the left, but I’m going to…

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