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Technical analysis of a photograph

Over the past few weeks we’ve looked at five of the six aspects that I believe define a photograph. I term them as being “technical” aspects as they are measurable or identifiable; Exposure, Focus, Depth of Field, Colour and Contrast. In these posts I’ve tried to explain a little about what each parameter is, why…

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TBT – January 2013

Although the UK seems to have largely missed out on winter this year – especially in the South East where I’m from – other parts of the northern hemisphere have had their fair share of wintry weather so I thought I’d make this week a Throw Back Thursday to 2013 when we did have some…

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Shot of the Week

It’s been another good week on the food photography course, and I managed to combine a foodie photo with the 52 Week challenge photo this week which was “Uniform” and set by me – here’s the shot again in case you missed it in my last post. I chose Uniform as the period covered Remembrance…

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Selecting Shutter Speed

While the concept of aperture can be confusing when you first come across it – a strange series of numbers that don’t seem to follow any sequence and where a bigger number means a smaller hole, a greater depth of field but less light – the idea of shutter speed is much more easy to…

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