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A week of wild flowers and fields

Really interesting theme for the Flickr 52-week group this week – Pareidolia – finding and photographing images of faces or objects in places where they don’t really exist. This was my best effort – but there are some really good ones if you click the link in the paragraph above. Other than that, this past week seems…

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Shot of the week

Had a busy week last week and didn’t manage to get much done in the way of photos – to the point that I didn’t complete the weekly theme of the 52 Week group which was Cover Party. I did however, take some infrared shots at a new small pond that I’ve recently discovered on…

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Last week as a a really good week photo-wise. Firstly, I visited The Photographic Angle exhibition “4 Elements” in Camberley which included 4 of my pictures. This is the third time I’ve been featured by these people and it’s always nice to see your pictures in print in an exhibition space. This is me taking a…

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Shot Of The Week

For the 52 Week Group this week, the theme was Out of Focus so I posted this shot of the topiary conifers at work, taken with my infra-red camera. I also had a couple of pieces of good news about some of my other photos, but I’ll cover that in my next post. For today, I’ll…

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Shooting Infrared

I’ve recently taken a few pictures with my infrared converted Canon Powershot G10 so I thought I’d talk a bit about IR photography today.   Taking IR pictures is possible with a regular DSLR using an IR filter on the end of your lens but it requires very long shutter speeds to achieve results. This…

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