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Landscape Photography Kit Essentials

In this second part of the series on Landscape photography I’m going to go through some kit essentials that you might want to consider. Full disclosure here, the Amazon links are affiliate links which means I earn a few % commission if you buy anything through the link. You will still deal with Amazon and…

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Landscape Photography

I want to start back talking about tips and techniques in photography, and I know a lot of you enjoy photographing nature and the world around you . . . so let’s start there . . .   This is the first of a 3-part mini-series of blog posts. In this segment I will talk…

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Landscape shooting in Surrey

Getting back into the swing of early starts after my 6-week work hiatus. It’s good to be back in the land of the employed again but I’ve found it hard to make time for photography as a result. While I was off, I did take advantage of my freedom and spent some time visiting local…

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Shot Of The Week

Another nice open theme this week, literally, as the 52 Week theme for Week 4 was “Outdoor”. Sadly the weather in the UK had been a bit grey and dull of late, but on Thursday morning I noticed that it was going to be a clear night so I decided to take my 5D MKII…

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