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A Bit Of Photo Fun

I was pointed to this link on BoredPanda recently that highlighted some clever photographic trickery, so I thought I’d use this as an excuse to share a few of mine; “Flushed with success” is a simple two image composite. We needed to replace the old toilet seat that was broken so after I’d removed (and…

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Shot of the week

I managed to combine two challenges into one photo this week with the 52 Weeks theme of “My Day . . .” and an informal food challenge of “Coffee break” After finishing the 30 Days to Better Food Photography course, a few of the participants have set up a new Facebook group so we can…

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Shot of the Week

After some creative Photoshopping last week, the theme of the 52 Weeks group on Flickr this week was “Surreal”. This obviously gave another opportunity for some pixel manipulation but with the hustle and bustle of my working week nothing really jumped to mind. Then, suddenly, it was Wednesday night – deadline day – and I…

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Magic Mushroom

To produce the mushroom image for the 52 Week theme of “Post-Apocalyptic”, I started off with a couple of shots of the sun over a small slice of land. This is the initial shot (SooC) that gave me the idea for an explosion. Then I took another, exposing for the sky; Once I’d got the…

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Shot Of The Week

The theme for the week this week was “Post-Apocalyptic”. While it might have been possible to shoot something run-down and partly demolished or weathered and worn, this theme really got me thinking about what I could produce in Photoshop as I’ve not done much creatively in PS for a while. Friday saw another misty start…

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