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Creativity – what is a 30 in 30?

Interesting topic for last week’s Flickr theme was “Back Portrait” Described as “a matter of photographing people from behind and telling the other side of the story”. As you know, I was pretty busy last week and didn’t have as much time to devote to this as I would have liked, but some of the…

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Photography – Australian style

Back in the summer I discovered a little gem of a podcast called “So You Want To Be A Photographer”. It started in January 2015 and so I binge-listened to about 25 episodes from the beginning to catch up. It’s a treat to turn my iPod on every Thursday and download the latest episode from Gina…

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Tips From Up On High

There are all manner of different ways to learn photography and learn about photography. I bought a polystyrene head to practice lighting head shots for example. One of the ways that I enjoy most is the podcast. I subscribe to a number of audio and video podcasts that roll out episodes every week (sometimes more…

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