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Most Expensive – Part 1

We all know that photography – as with any hobby – can get a bit expensive if you want to go for the latest and greatest stuff. But recently I was pointed to two articles that give the extreme end of photographic expense. In the second post I’ll talk about the most expensive photographs ever…

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4 Stages of Learning – Stages 3 and 4

Following on from the previous post about 4 stage of learning to be a photographer, we come to stage 3; Semi-Pro Is someone who is consciously competent and knows how much they know. This is someone who understands how most photographs are taken. They recognise lighting, compositional techniques and often where post-processing has been used….

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The 4 stages of learning

Continuing on the theme of whether buying kit is the best way to improve, I thought I’d share with you my take on the 4 stages of learning to be a photographer. It can be hard to define precisely the four stages in terms of what skills you have or don’t have but I like…

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