White Balance

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Use of colour in photography

HISTORY Photography has come a long way from the early days of sepia tinted images and cyanotypes which we are all familiar with to where anyone can print a colour photo on their home printer in seconds. Colour photography and film weren’t really common until the sixties and most people shot in black and white….

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Shot of the Week

With Halloween last weekend it was no surprise that the 52 Week theme for the week was something spooky, with Graveyard! This was taken as I described in my last post on White Balance. I popped over to the cemetery that is close to where I work on Wednesday lunchtime. After a few simple snaps,…

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Food Photography Week 2

Half way through the 30 days to better food photography course now and it’s been another really enlightening week, why? Because we’ve dealt quite a bit with lighting. Looking at the direction of light, the use of reflectors and other modifiers and also playing around with white balance. All this while trying to stick to…

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