TBT – October 2012

For throwback Thursday for October (couple of days late, I know), I’m going back to 2012 when we decided to go away for the autumn half term to Sorrento in Italy.

Vesuvius and the seagull

Sorrento is famous for its olives, lemons and Limoncello liquer. It is also a great location if you want to visit Pompeii (below) or climb Vesuvius (above) and we did both.

Glad School

If you’ve never been, Pompeii is one of the most amazing places on earth. To see how ancient Romans lived and worked. To see cobbled streets with the stones worn away from decades of use, truly incredible.


Vesuvius was quite a climb, as you’d imagine, but well worth it at the top with a fine view over the Bay of Naples.


The view from our seafront hotel was fabulous and we woke early one morning to see a stunning moon drifting over the sea.

Cloudy Day

On another occasion, after a heavy rain storm, the clouds drifted away to reveal a spectacular display in the sky above the island of Ischia.


And of course, no seaside resort would be complete without the seagulls !

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