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I was due to write the next part of my photography analysis series this week but yesterday I listened to a really interesting podcast featuring a gentleman called Pat Pattison that was originally broadcast on a channel called The Candid Frame last summer – 6th July 2015 in fact.


It seemed very pertinent to me at the moment so I thought I’d share my thoughts and give a little plug to The Candid Frame podcast today instead.

TCF is a great listen. Each episode sees the presenter, Ibarionex Perello, interview a different photographer and really get into the detail of each person and how/ why they became a photographer. Most of the interviewees are American and, if I’m honest, I’ve not heard of many of them before the show but that just highlights my lack of reading around photography.

Ibarionex has an easy style and puts his guests at ease to the point where they really open up about their experiences. None of the guests are ‘up themselves’ and all come across and genuine and sincere, flattered to have been asked and willing to share their knowledge with the listeners.

wise words

The Pat Pattison episode was slightly different in that Pat isn’t really a photographer but he does help people who want to be – or at least, he helps people who are looking to make a transition from one career to another, usually a non-creative to a creative.


The episode resonated with me particularly. For my day job I work in the Oil Industry and as many of you will know, oil prices are as low as they’ve been for years. While this is good news for petrol prices and fuel bills in general, it’s not good if you work in the industry as it means there is very little investment and thousands of jobs are being lost.

green dash

As a result, I am trying to build my photography business at the moment so that it can act as a safety net if I am unlucky enough to lose my current job and so the discussion about having a “montage career” and the reality of living with 2 or 3 separate income streams simultaneously was very timely.

Now, this may not be your situation and as a result, this particular episode may not be of much interest for you – but The Candid Frame podcast definitely should be, go check it out.

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