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There are all manner of different ways to learn photography and learn about photography. I bought a polystyrene head to practice lighting head shots for example.


One of the ways that I enjoy most is the podcast. I subscribe to a number of audio and video podcasts that roll out episodes every week (sometimes more than once a week), download them to my iPod and listen to them in the car to and from work. I have a 45-50 minute journey (each way) so there’s plenty of time to listen to useful tips and tricks and stories from expert photographers.

Most of the time, the podcast is accompanied by a page on a web site or blog and contains “show notes” where the broadcaster provides links to items discussed in the show. This adds another dimension to the value of the podcast as it can often introduce you to new resources that you previously didn’t know about.

I have a number of favourite podcasts that cover different aspects of photography and I’ll talk about each of them individually in coming posts but the one I wanted to give a shout out to today is Tips From The Top Floor, presented by Chris Marquardt from Hannover in Germany. Click the photo to go to his web site.

tfttf695 – Dinner at the Viewfinder Villa

Some of the reasons why I listen to Chris are;

  • Chris is an undoubted expert in photography – both analogue and digital
  • He is an active professional who makes his living from the art, so everything is current and relevant
  • He covers topics that are of interest to all photographers
  • The show has been running for nearly 700 episodes so he must be doing something right!
  • The level of technical detail he gives in response to questions is unparalleled, but still easy to digest and understand
  • His means of delivery is friendly and jovial
  • The show is not about him (some other photographers use the podcast to only brag about themselves)
  • Podcasts are a good length, typically 30-45 minutes, and of excellent sound quality

One tip from me – I keep a small square post-it pad and pen in the car so that if something useful is mentioned; maybe a technique or a piece of gear or a web site. I can quickly jot it down at the next set of traffic lights so that I don’t forget.

I’ll cover some of my other faves later but for now, go and look up TFTTF on iTunes or wherever you go to listen to podcasts and download a few sample episodes to see what you think.

And if you have a favourite podcast that you think other people should know about, put the name in the comments box below.


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