Which Landscape Photographers Should You Follow?

In the final part of this trilogy of articles on Landscape photography, I want to showcase some the outstanding photographers whose work I follow and enjoy.

Before I do, if you missed Part 1 – What is Landscape Photography or Part 2 – What Kit Equipment Do I Need For Landscape Photography you can click the links.

So, which Landscape Photographers should you follow?

I follow loads – on Twitter, Instagram and blog – but I’ve tried to pick just a handful here for you to take a look at. . .

David Hopley

David produces some stunning work, as demonstrated by his regularly featuring in the Landscape Photographer Of The Year finals.

In the last year or two he has added aerial photography to his repertoire and is a real inspiration to me in this area.


Lee Acaster

I first came across Lee’s work through the Amateur Photographer magazine, as Lee won their year-long competition Amateur Photographer Of The Year 2015.


Thomas Heaton

Another photographer that I’ve followed for a number of years, Thomas makes part of his living from his YouTube channel. He produces some fabulous video content, beautifully edited. He also has a fun sense of humour which I like.


Anita Nicholson

I found Anita via twitter and the Wex Mondays competition. She has a beautiful style, soft pastel colour palette and is very generous with her time on social media including short video posts on location. She has a lovely relaxed manner and is always smiling, happy and positive. I was amazed to discover that she wasn’t a full-time photographer.


Darren Rose

A mixture of classic landscapes and some wonderfully atmospheric pinhole shots.



Something a bit different – this photog takes landscape and cityscape images with bits of paper added. Sounds odd but you should definitely check out Paperboyo on Instagram.


Beautiful Destinations

Instagram account with over 10 million followers that shows some beautiful Landscapes and Citiscapes.


Simone Bramante

Another of my favourites on Instagram



What About You?

If you have a favourite landscape photographer then let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to a future post.

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